Garden Update: Spring Equinox 2016

spring-equinox-2016-compositeSomehow I seemed to have missed the winter solstice update last time which is a shame because many of the native plants in particular showed nice growth last autumn. This year I think I saw the reason why some Victorian gardeners use the term “Sprinter” as many plants began flowering and growing in August as the weather started to warm a little. Since then the garden has seen great growth probably because of the excellent amount of rain we’ve had this year.

Updates to the garden: 1) added a finger lime near the back fence; 2) remove the A4 macadamia which was growing very slowly and replaced with another Pinkalicous Mac; 3) Removed the avocado which was already looking sick and replaced with a Frantoio olive. I put the avocado in a pot just to see if that made any difference.

In many of the photos, the natives shrubs and groundcovers have shown excellent growth and it’s a little hard even to see the fruit trees! The other notable thing is that the avocado I had given up on near the side fence had actually started to grow new leaves in August after about three months of having shed all leaves! I was going to pull it out but I’ll leave it in now and see if the miraculous recovery continues.