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It’s been almost exactly one year since I finished my Age of the Orphan series of posts. I had always intended to turn those posts into a book which would be the follow-up to The Devouring Mother focusing on the other half of the archetype: The Orphans (aka the rebellious and acquiescent children). I’ve revisited the idea several times over the last year but always felt I was missing something.

Well, yesterday I had my eureka moment. Sadly, I don’t own a bath and so the opportunity to jump out of it and run around naked shouting the idea to all and sundry went by the wayside. Nevertheless, I’m quite excited as the idea allows me to connect both the Jungian archetypal analysis of the Age of the Orphan with the ideas I explored in the Unconscious Empire and Rethinking Spengler series of posts. The working title for the book is The Age of the Orphan: an Archetypal Analysis of Modern Western Civilisation.

Given I’ve already done a substantial amount of work on the book, I’m hoping I can incorporate the new orientation quickly. In fact, I’m hoping I can knock it over in a couple of weeks, but perhaps that’s just the enthusiasm talking.

In any case, regular readers should know that I won’t be writing any new blog posts for the next couple of weeks as I focus on getting the concept into shape. With any luck, my next post will be a book announcement!

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  1. Erika – that is the plan. I already have the concept worked out 😉

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