Book Announcement

As some readers would be aware, I am the author of four narrative comedy novels. So, when one of my favourite bloggers and authors, the Archdruid himself John Michael Greer, put out a call for comedic short stories about a year ago, I leapt at the chance to submit something. I’m happy to say my story was chosen and the finished product is now available.

The title of the anthology is The Flesh of Your Future Sticks Between My Teeth:
Stories from the Gristle Cli-fi Parody Contest
. As the name indicates, the stories all poke fun at the nascent literary genre known as Cli-fi. Yup, that’s short for Climate Fiction, probably the most unnecessary genre since Bro-core burst onto the alternative music scene some years ago and, just like Bro-core, ripe for parody.

My contribution to the anthology is titled “Tell it to the King of Sweden, honey”. When America’s richest woman, Karrenn Smith Hernandez Wong, discovers that the King of Sweden’s niece has stolen her fortune and squandered it on a series of frivolous environmental schemes, she travels to Stockholm to seek justice.

You can check out a preview of the book, including the first half of my story, at the Amazon site.

If you’re interested in owning a copy, why not buy direct from the publisher here.

Once Upon a Time in Tittybong 2 now available

Being a lover of alliteration and stoner comedy, I knew when I wrote Once Upon a Time in Tittybong that it would need to become the first book in a Tittybong Trilogy. So, I’m delighted to announce that we’re now two-thirds of the way there with the release of Once Upon a Time in Tittybong 2: Catch My Disease.

The Tittybong trio of JJ, Krusty and Svenson are back and have graduated from taking on the powers that be in a small country town to taking on the powers that run global politics. The setting for the most of the book is the north shore of Sydney. For those who don’t know, Tittybong is the name of an actual place in Australia, although it doesn’t have a postcode and I think the residential population is limited to a bunch of kangaroos and wombats. The fictional Tittybong presented in the book is just that.

I’ve made the first chapter available as a preview which you can download here.

The eBook is available through Amazon. Paperback is available at Bookshop (US, UK), Book Depository, Abe Books, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and most other online retailers.


JJ and Krusty’s business is CA$H ONLY. So, when the two entrepreneurs from Tittybong find out that the government is about to ban physical currency, they turn to Australia’s most notorious mafia boss, Pickles Macbeth, for help. But when the all-powerful leader of the Global Council, Kurt von Todhammerstein, announces a surprise visit to Sydney, Macbeth plans to topple not just him but the Australian government too and JJ and Krusty must team up with Norwegian polymath, Svenson, to thwart Macbeth’s plan, restore the rightful Australian government and rescue JJ’s ex-girlfriend.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Once Upon in Tittybong 2 is a riotous comedy that sees a group of teenagers from country town Australia go into battle against the behemoth of globalist politics.

New Novel: Narquinxa and Xandalus

I’m very pleased to announced that my new novel, Narquinxa and Xandalus, is now available.

It’s a sci-fi, adventure, romantic comedy. It’s my first novel featuring a female protagonist (technically, she’s an alien) and also my first novel that isn’t adults only (if it was a movie, it would be rated M). Think Douglas Adams writing a romantic comedy and you’re in the ballpark.

Available in ebook and paperback through Amazon. Otherwise, check your favourite online book retailer for availability.

Cover reveal for Narquinxa and Xandalus

Check this out. It’s the cover for my upcoming novel “Narquinxa and Xandalus”. This is my second collaboration with an artist I found online several months ago (he also did the cover for my last novel “The Order of the Secret Chiefs”). I think we’ve outdone ourselves on this one. It’s almost too good for a book cover. Maybe I should sell it as a full size glossy poster.

New Novel: The Order of the Secret Chiefs

In between all this blogging that I’ve been doing of late I’ve managed to find the time to get my second novel through the sausage grinder and out into the world.

The Order of the Secret Chiefs is a tasty morsel of comedic farce featuring apocalypse cults, sexy Russian witches, pickup artists, spunky grandmothers and a protagonist who dips his toe into the murky waters of magic and the occult and gets much more than he bargained for. The book should appeal to fans of Robert Rankin, Ben Elton and (dare I compare myself to the great) Douglas Adams or anybody looking for something snappy, irreverent and just plain fun. We could all use that about now, couldn’t we?