Here we go again

As I noted in my book on the subject, one of the foundational elements of The Plague Story is that the plague must come from an exotic location far away. In the case of corona, the initial exotic location was Wuhan, China replete with wet markets, bat soup and, it later turned out, murky goings on in viral laboratories. When the delta variant hit the headlines about a year ago, its exotic origin was India. So, last week when a new variant came on to the scene, I noted with wry amusement that its purported origin was another exotic location, this time South Africa/Botswana. Is there any scientific reason why all these variants come from places far away from the West? For the original coronavirus, sophisticated stories were created to explain why the virus arose in China. Maybe it was weird culinary practices or the fact that people live in too close a proximity to wild animals (bats) or what have you. But now we have a virus that, according to the official story, has had two years to spread around the world and mutate. Why then do none of the evil new strains come from Tennessee or Birmingham or Munich? The purported origin of Omicron in Africa is all the more weird given that covid rates there are amazingly low, something that apparently has the “experts” exasperated. Of course, we know now that it has nothing to do with science and everything to do with The Plague Story. The plague comes from somewhere far away. That’s just part of the story. Meanwhile, we are told that variants that arise in the west are “symptomless” or mild. Very convenient, isn’t it? Both the South African and Botswanan authorities were quick to point out last week that they had no indication that Omicron caused more severe disease than other variants but that didn’t stop western governments imposing new travel restrictions just like they did with delta and with the original variant (For delta, the Australian government went to the extraordinary length of even banning Australian citizens who had been to India from returning home, a truly shameful act that won’t be forgotten by a lot of people). Of course, governments take action is another part of The Plague Story and so what has really happened in the last week is that we have begun a new round of The Plague Story. This is actually the third time through. First we had the original variant, then we had the delta plague story. Now we have the third one. Chapter 3: Omicron rises. As news of Omicron circulated, some people wondered whether we are “back to square one”. Indeed, we are. Back to the start of The Plague Story.

This new plague story does have some elements that are different from before. First is the speed with which have progressed through the early parts of the story. In this case it was mere days from the announcement of the variant to governments responding. That is not surprising as all the infrastructure is now in place to enforce new restrictions with the stroke of a bureaucratic pen. What is more interesting, though, is the status of the cure. Recall that the modern plague story ends by the experts providing a cure. For both the original variant and delta, the cure was yet to arrive. But for Omicron, we already have the supposed cure in the form of the gene therapy vaccines that have been rolled out globally. This led to the awkward fact that the only people travelling internationally now are the vaccinated and so, by definition, the only people who could be spreading the new variant are the vaccinated. So, the cure we were promised during the first two plague stories wasn’t really a cure after all. That didn’t stop politicians again promising a cure for this new version of the plague story. Our wonderful state Premier here in Victoria, with the rabid certainty that is his trademark, had no hesitation announcing that the booster would solve it. In Britain, Boris Johnson looked far less certain promising only that the booster might offer “some protection” but nevertheless announcing that the government would increase the rollout of the boosters. Meanwhile, Big Pharma was quick, a little too quick some might say, in announcing it could have a booster specifically designed for Omicron on market within months. Will this wash with the general public? Will the speed with which history repeated cause some people to reflect on why we are back in the same story again? Time will tell. What is noteworthy is the fact that we are back in the same story for the third time.

I have compared corona to WW1 in a previous post and this repetition of the same story, the rehashing the same failed policies that didn’t work before, is once again relevant. The same thing happened in the war too. In the war, it wasn’t new variants that provided the déjà vu but new battles; some great new plan to finally break through enemy lines and bring the war to an end. Just another push, boys. Just another truckload of dead bodies to return home or bury in the mud of the Somme or Ypres. The booster looks set to fill the identical role of the thing that is going to bring corona to an end but never really does. It’s tempting to think that the continued failure of such stories will be that which finally snaps people out of the malaise and brings them back to their senses but that didn’t happen in WW1. Partly that’s because to admit the failure of this particular plague story would invite us to reflect on whether the last versions of the plague story were also failures and you would end up back at the start having to admit the whole thing was a giant catastrophic error. That’s an outcome the politicians can never allow but it’s also true that individuals would not want to contemplate it. Part of the reason is because most people in hindsight would realise the original justification was absurd and this would call into question our entire belief that the world operates according to logic and reason. That is no trivial matter. It is the founding myth of the enlightenment. It’s one of the things our society cannot, as a matter of faith, contemplate.

One of my favourite jokes from the comedian Norm Macdonald, who passed away recently, was this one about how Germany twice went to war against “the world”. It’s funny because it sounds ridiculous in hindsight even though it’s true. What the jokes glosses over, of course, is the historical reality that Germany never intended to go to war against “the world”, that’s just the way it ended up. In fact, Germany got into WW1 explicitly trying not to fight against the whole world at once. Here’s an imaginary dialogue to capture the “reasoning”:-

“Dude, why are we invading France?”
“Because Austria attacked Serbia.”
“So what?”
“So, Russia is threatening war with Austria.”
“We need to avoid a two-front war.”
“But we don’t have to attack Russia if we choose not to.”
“Don’t worry. It’ll all be over before Xmas. Schlieffen has a plan.”

I’m sure future comedians will find corona to be a rich source of material. “Remember that time we tried to wipe out the flu? Boy, that was a disaster”. How we got to that absurd outcome is similar to the chain of events that started WW1. Here’s another imaginary dialogue:-

“Dude, why are we going into lockdown?”
“Because China went into lockdown?”
“So what?”
“So, they’ve set a precedent that we can copy.”
“Since when is China the expert on public health science?
“Dude, there’s some models that predict a huge number of deaths. We have to do something.”
“But the models don’t match the known data.”
“Don’t worry. It’s just two weeks to flatten the curve.”

It seems to me that an absurd and invalid use of an existing story/myth such as described in the fictional dialogues above is a feature, not a bug in archetypal takeover because it amounts to an assertion that is beyond logic and is therefore irrational. The ability of irrationality to drive events has been captured well by Nassim Taleb with his concept of the Minority Rule. The Minority Rule states that a minority can bend a majority to its will by being irrationally intolerant (it’s one of history’s perfect ironies that Taleb himself has been one of the most prominent irrational true believers throughout corona and was influential early on in providing the intellectual backing that got us into this mess). The intolerant minority, such as those insisting that anybody who disagrees with them wants grandma to die, can get their way to the extent that the majority are indifferent and consider it easier to go along with them. The example Taleb uses is kosher foods. The majority of the population have no objection to eating kosher. If you have even five percent of the population who will only eat kosher, it is easier to just make all food kosher rather than have a completely separate process that caters to five percent of the market. During corona, the acquiescence of the majority was secured early on by way of cash payments to offset any financial losses. That was fine as long you didn’t care about the state of the national budget and most people were happy to go along with it. That would have been enough to put the matter to bed if government had rolled out the vaccine, allowed whoever wanted it to take it and then brought the matter to an end. But the matter didn’t end and we swapped from the carrot to the stick. Governments are now attempting to win acquiescence through coercion. That is a very weak strategy. It works in the short term to get some unvaccinated to take the shot but governments are now talking of rolling out the coercion to those who don’t want the booster too. At that point we are longer operating according to the logic of the minority rule. Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Thinking you can coerce whole populations into taking a booster shot indefinitely is a different kind of insanity, but is still insane.

What is guaranteed to start happening now is another mechanism with a successful history: civil disobedience. Some dissenters have been calling for civil disobedience from the start of corona and they are right to do so. But the civil disobedience that makes a difference won’t require any conscious intention to happen. It should happen automatically as a small but ever increasingly share of the population refuse the booster shot. From there we should see the resistance expand into other areas of life as people simply don’t observe whatever restrictions are in place. That has already started to happen where I am. The government still requires masks to be worn indoors but, at least at my local supermarket, half the people are not bothering any more. A similar thing happened earlier in the year on public transport. Civil disobedience is a viral phenomenon and once it takes hold the government will need to explicitly enforce any rules it wants observed. But government does not have the power to enforce the excessive, arbitrary and often contradictory plethora of rules that only a government bureaucracy could dream up. Ergo, the rules become redundant. What we may see is the government trying to win compliance by making an example of a small subset of the population by fining them or sending them to jail. Again, this may work in the short term but not the medium term. Something like that is exactly what happened at the end of WW1 in Germany during the Kiel mutiny. The naval command wanted to launch one final attack on Britain but the sailors were not having it. Some sailors were punished and this worked for a couple of weeks but set off a sequence of events that led to an outright mutiny. The mutiny then spread to the rest of the country and saw the Kaiser abdicate and the period of Weimar Germany begin. That was not a good thing in hindsight because Weimar Germany contributed greatly to the rise of Hitler. That seems to me to be where we are right now. If governments insist on trying to gain acquiescence through coercion, eventually something big will break. Ironically, it’s Germany, Austria and Italy who are pushing that failed strategy again. In the US, a form of civil disobedience has already taken hold and Biden’s mandates look dead in the water as a result. Those are the two options we seem to have from here. Civil disobedience or self-inflicted destruction. Europe looks set once again to destroy itself while the US might get away with it. Here in Australia there are some promising signs that we might follow the US. Let’s hope so because the other pathway leads nowhere good.

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  1. “Ironically, it’s Germany, Austria and Italy who are pushing that failed strategy again.”

    I’ve noticed! And I’m very nervous right now. CZ is part of the Austro-Hungarian cultural space. So, where goes Austria… I suppose we’ll see.

    “Europe looks set once again to destroy itself while the US might get away with it.”

    Yup. It’s difficult to believe, but there you have it. You’ve repeatedly made the point that once these “vaccines” were made available to anyone who wanted them, politicians had a great opportunity to end the story. That’s what some Republican governors pulled off in the States, and good for them. Europe, however, has been a disaster. I don’t see a plausible way out of this. Not for the politicians. Yes, civil disobedience, sure, but that may take a while, and who knows what comes after it.

  2. Irena – well, the politicians could just get replaced with new politicians. It might seem unlikely now, but imagine another two years of this and they’ve tried to coerce people into taking four more booster shots while the next variant pops up. At that point getting a new government who aren’t crazy would be an attractive proposition. That’s started to happen here in Australia. A few interesting new political parties have formed especially at the state level and there are already anti-vax mandate parties doing preference deals with each other. How that works in Europe is another question as you’ve got the EU who are driving most of the nonsense. Some more nationalist candidates who promise to pull their country out of the EU?

  3. Gday mate
    I think you’re right that Australia is diverging from Europe now. An interesting development that i am watching rather selfishly with a certain amount of optimism.
    Could it be that Europe is reverting to its time honoured tradition of utter madness?
    Strange how certain patterns reassert themselves in waves. And how they are tied to geographical locations. Time to reread Spengler.

    About coercion: here’s some comic relief from the abc. Not worth reading in detail of course, but the general gist of it in combination with the headline is good for a laugh. Although i don’t think anyone at the abc would get the joke.

    And on a more serious note for those of us who understand German

  4. @Simon

    Yes, of course, old politicians can be replaced with new politicians, and sooner or later, they will be. The question is: just how much damage will be done before that happens? Incidentally, I don’t think this is being driven by the EU. The individual states are running the show, with the EU for the most part missing in action. Sure, Ursula von der Leyen has been making some idiotic statements (that’s what EUcrats are paid to do), but it’s not like the likes of her are running the show.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Australia!

    BTW, those mini-dialogs (WWI/corona) would be hilarious if they weren’t so accurate. 🙁

  5. Roland – Australia might get lucky in that a lot of people are proud of our vax rate and both Sydney and Melbourne are so damaged from lockdowns that it should, in theory, be politically impossible to do a repeat performance next year. Put the two together and it should be in politicians’ best interest to call it a success and move on.

    Irena – I saw that Sweden’s new president introduced vax passports which makes little sense given Sweden’s performance during the pandemic. Aren’t the vax passports also necessary for travel inside the EU now? As for the dialogues, history is full of such absurdities. Or, to put it another way, history is full of complexities that our little chimp brains can’t comprehend 🙂

  6. Do the people that have the power to decide want the covid thing come to an end?
    I don’t think so.
    In the myths of a big disaster and a saviour, every body in the community see the disaster as a bad thing, and really want it to go away. Even the king. Especially the king. That is why a lot of times the saviour hero get to marry the princess after.
    Sometimes it doesn’t work that well, because the king became jealous of the hero, and see him as a threat.
    But anyway, in our case, the elite class, to my opinion, is not expecting to be saved. If an hero will come to the rescue (like it happens in greek stories), they will send him away, as soon as possible.
    So, for whom the stereotype of the vaccine as a solution exist? Not for the regular ppl, which didn’t invented it, and not for the elites, that don’t want a solution.
    So, from were did it came? And why?

  7. @Simon

    Re: Vax passes in Sweden

    That just goes to show that the response to corona is completely divorced from the facts on the ground.

    Over here in CZ, they are trying to push through mandatory “vaccination” for certain professional groups (police, health care workers and some others), as well as people above 60. Obviously, the goal is to mandate “vaccination” for everyone, but they’ve elected the first-they-came-for-the-Jews strategy, hoping that not too many people complain since it doesn’t affect them directly. And you know, they may succeed. Succeed in vaxxing everyone, that is. How they will deal with a spike in (among other things) heart attacks in the years to come is a separate question. They’ll probably blame climate change for that one…

  8. Nati – I think the people and the elites *think* they want a solution. Nevertheless, it’s clear the vaccine is not a solution. Why are we continuing to pretend that it is? The answer can be found, in my analysis, in The Devouring Mother archetype ( In short, our society is currently overtaken by The Devouring Mother. The Devouring Mother gaslights her children and making them think there is a solution when there is not is a powerful form of gaslighting. In reality, she does not want a a solution. She seeks a co-dependence relationship with her children and wants that to continue indefinitely. As for where the story came from that we can have a cure that will end a plague even though there is no historical precedent for such a thing, that was inserted into The Plague Story by Hollywood as I explain in this post –

    Note that within this analysis both the elites and the public are equally captured by the archetype. As I tried to explain in this post, the use of an invalid story which won’t work in the real world is a feature not a bug of this archetypal arrangement.

    Irena – that’s what they did here in Australia too. Originally, it was mandatory for health care workers and a few others, then it became mandatory for almost anybody who wanted to keep their job. That tactic will probably work to get the vax rate into the 90s. Will they then go for the last 10%? I doubt it because among those last 10% will be the ones who are prepared to go to jail and now you’ve created martyrs. Having said that, Germany and Austria sound like that is what they are going to do.

  9. Interesting read from New Zealand written by a statistician with training in physics who is in touch withsome of the experts the government there was using to create its corona policy – . Nothing too new for most readers here but it’s interesting to hear it confirmed by somebody with insider knowledge. Also backs up my opinion that corona will go down as the greatest failure of public policy in peacetime.

  10. > As for where the story came from that we can have a cure that will end a plague even though there is no historical precedent for such a thing, that was inserted into The Plague Story by Hollywood

    It occurs to me reading that just now that like is so often the case Hollywood didn’t insert the ‘cure’ as much as they re-invented it. In very old plague stories there would be extensive prayers to God (or gods) for blessings of protection from the plague, and at some point the prayers inevitably ‘worked’ in that the plague ended. As the active role of higher powers fell out of favour in common narratives so too did the targets of prayer, until such time as Man was re-introduced as the new God and thus became the target of prayer to bestow a blessing – the vaccine.

  11. Daniel – I’d have to do a more thorough check on the literature, but at least from what I was reading prayers for a cure weren’t ubiquitous. Some people would no doubt have prayed but the main response was to flee. A real plague sets off a fight or flight response. Then there were also the inevitable preachers saying the plague was punishment from God which is practically the opposite of expecting God to save you and can be seen as a way of getting people to accept their fate. So, I think the idea of a cure really is a genuine novelty in the post war plague story. But, again, I would have to do a more thorough check of the literature.

  12. I wonder if that is partly a semantic difference. Admittedly my historical knowledge of this area is poor, but my sense is that traditionally a ‘cure’ was rare, mostly in the realm of results promised by quacks and charlatans. For prayer at least, the goal is typically ‘healing’ which is quite a different thing that leaves evidence – improvement but at a cost and rarely a complete fix. Prayer also offers the hope of protection as the equivalent for the vulnerable.

    Even with corona this difference is playing out – whilst cures are endlessly called for they are not actually a permissible solution within the narrative as evidenced by everything suitable being dismissed out of hand. Thus, only naive healing with long term affects is allowed for the sick, and only the proffered protection is available to the vulnerable.

  13. Daniel – i think for most illness prior to the second half of the 1800s, there was no cure and it was generally considered a bad idea to go to a doctor (quack). So, historically, nobody expected a cure for plague or disease in general. It was just a background part of life and prayer was a coping mechanism for it. For corona, the lack of a search for alternative cures is discussed in that article I linked to earlier today. The politicians had already decided the vaccine was safe and effective which is precisely the narrative of the modern plague story. The idea that, heaven forbid, there might be different treatments for different people or prophylactics to stop people getting sick in the first place just doesn’t come into play because that would mean there wasn’t a single hero to save the day.

  14. Simon: “The politicians had already decided the vaccine was safe and effective which is precisely the narrative of the modern plague story. The idea that, heaven forbid, there might be different treatments for different people or prophylactics to stop people getting sick in the first place just doesn’t come into play because that would mean there wasn’t a single hero to save the day.”

    Exactly. Just now, I read this article in the Czech media, featuring a doctor from an ICU in some small Czech town, and he was raging at his patients because they had only themselves to blame for being there, since they were “unvaccinated.” (It’s in Czech, so I’m not going to link to it.) Um, right. Nothing to do with the fact that this is the most dangerous “vaccine” that has ever been widely deployed, and nothing to do with the fact that they offer zero early treatment. (He even makes a comment about how the people in the ICU were around 50, and therefore ineligible for those monoclonal antibodies. Which is the patients’ fault, too, I suppose. They only give that stuff to older people.) No mention of ivermectin, but I can tell you it’s impossible to get over here.

    Well. This was supposed to be the 21st century Moonshot. We make a wish (eradicate SARS-CoV-2), and the brilliant scientists deliver. Of course, that’s not how the actual Moonshot worked. Kennedy consulted NASA about what they thought they could realistically accomplish within a decade if they got enough resources, he was told they could put a man on the Moon, and so that’s what Kennedy promised. He didn’t promise a space colony, and he didn’t promise to find little green men on Mars, although both of those things would have been highly impressive. The public health equivalent of the Moonshot might be the eradication of polio (apparently, that should be doable, but probably not within a decade). Eradicating a highly infectious respiratory virus is roughly the equivalent of finding little green men on Mars. But that didn’t stop our illustrious leaders from putting all their eggs in the vaccine (eradication) basket. And now that it didn’t go as planned, we are to blame.

  15. Roland – another interesting tidbit from that article I linked to yesterday was that the models the politicians were using originally assumed a 70% vax rate would give herd immunity. When that didn’t work, they upped it to 80% and so on. I think we’re moving now into territory where they will still pretend the booster will work. Once that also fails is when it will get interesting.

    Irena – that’s a nice summary of the situation. Yesterday, I was fortunate to chat to a doctor who has been in the covid wards in Melbourne. Among other interesting things, she was saying they’ve had an essentially unlimited amount of money from government. The problem is not money but the lack of organisational ability and the lack of manpower plus being severely hampered by corona restrictions meaning nobody could think outside the box. I think if politicians were just more honest with the public about what was achievable a lot of the socio-political problems would have been reduced. But, no, we needed heroism.

  16. I believe i mentioned the “when prophecy fails” study here before but it can’t hurt to do it again.
    Here’s a short explanation
    And here a short explanation of the underlying mechanism
    To me this seems an almost perfect description of the psychology that powers all this. Granted there are other moving parts, but this seems the main driver.
    The scary bit is that there is no natural end to this process. It can just keep descending until at some point it hits rock bottom as happened in WWI.
    Are there cases in history where whole societies got infected by this and managed to snap out by themselves?

  17. Roland – yeah, the only question now is where is rock bottom. From what I understand, it’s over now in large parts of the US and even Britain if you believe the stories on the ground. Meanwhile, Europe is heading for a new bottom and Australia is showing hopeful signs but I guess the real test for us will come next winter.

  18. Looking at history, I’d say rock bottom is pretty low. At the moment it looks like Germany is determined and quite capable to find out, with my native state of bavaria leading the charge. Not for the first time in history.
    I sometimes wish history would show a bit more imagination.

  19. Hi Simon and others,
    Ive been reading along but haven’t commented for a while.
    I think the first cracks in the narrative may be growing into fissures.
    My sister who still listens to the radio occasionally, (I stopped many months ago, combined with not watching tv for many a year) has heard a caller twice now given air time to explain the fiasco of his ‘incarceration’ despite doing the D/Jab.
    Today, she heard an announcer, complaining about the goal post shifting of all the data collecting.
    More stories are appearing about young sports people suffering adverse reactions.
    Another, said her family were staying put for Xmas, rather than going to QLD, because they didn’t want to subject their kids to any more testing.
    I’m sure there are other instances of people speaking out finally being given air time.
    Here in Oz the death count is tiny, so it can’t be used as a smoke screen.
    The bad things happening are happening to those who complied or who where pressured and I think the natives are getting restless.
    On top of that, many people will still travel interstate for the holidays, and I believe that the bungling border bureaucracy is only going to get more overloaded and incompetent.
    I think many journeys are going to end in tears and rage.
    I think and to be honest hope that it is this last thing which may contain that final snowflake that brings on the avalanche.
    I’m sure hoping, it certainly beats an ever increasing count of bad health outcomes. None of us want to see that

  20. Helen – if I was a centre right minor party politician looking to capitalise on all this I would be targeting the “disgruntled vaccinated” demographic. That’s a demographic that’s only going to grow from here on out. It amazes me how many dumb rules the vaccinated still need to go through to live their lives. Seems worse in your state and the others that haven’t had many cases yet. Ironically, Victoria might fare better in the year ahead especially as Andrews has an election to worry about.

  21. @Simon

    So, why do you think that things are improving in Australia? As far as I can tell, they’re going from bad to worse. Internment camps and all that.

    Europe’s a disaster, of course. No argument there.

  22. Yeah, I’ve heard about that story. So, we sell gas to China who then refuse to sell fertiliser back. I can think of one solution to that problem 🙂

  23. Irena – the internment camp story has been overblown. It’s bad and it’s wrong but, in my opinion, it’s not materially worse than what has been happening elsewhere in the country. In South Australia, they recently took a politician into mandatory two week quarantine, for example. You have to bear in mind that Australia has now fractured into the states who each run different corona restrictions. So, I’m writing from a Victorian perspective where I think we are over the worst now for a variety of reasons. I may be wrong, though. We could easily do a Europe next winter.

    By the way, any idea what is going on in Austria? A chancellor who announces something historic like mandatory vaccines and then quits the job? That’s not normal.

  24. Simon: “By the way, any idea what is going on in Austria? A chancellor who announces something historic like mandatory vaccines and then quits the job? That’s not normal.”

    Austria seems to have vanished from the media/blogs that I follow. I’m not too sure what’s going on at the moment. I did see that the chancellor quit. It figures. Imagine being tasked with painting a house, choosing the ugliest shade of brownish green you could find, starting to paint, and then, having painted approximately one third of one wall, running away, leaving your coworker to finish the job and take the owner’s wrath. Somethin’ like that.

  25. I could understand quitting in protest if you disagreed with it. But quitting after announcing it is a pretty low act. Then the new guy is talking about “dialogue” with the unvaccinated. Maybe it’s a good cop/bad cop routine.

  26. Simon: “But quitting after announcing it is a pretty low act.”

    It’s cowardice, pure and simple. But what did you expect?

  27. My niece sent me a screenshot of that the other day.
    Going to your link, on twitter or in a news item comment thread, if I read some of the “DJ and proud” people, I’m left shaking my head at their smugness and vitriol towards the “stupid, selfish AVs”.
    Do they not remember, pride goeth before a fall?
    Generally the comments from the “AVs” are directed at those in power and their enforcers. A lot are genuinely worried for the jabbed, because of the obvious short term, but even more so unknown long term risks of this experiment.
    As far as Karma goes, the ‘good’ people seem to be storing up a lot of the negative return type.
    I wonder what the universe thinks…

  28. Another thought.
    For the most part people are going to say well I’ll just have to call them instead of go in for a visit.
    So basically it’s only the DJs going through the doors.
    So when their are transmissions by those persons, to patients, what then? Nothing to see here move along?
    Because now they’ve pretty much guaranteed that transmission is going to come from one cohort.
    Further reinforcing the ineffectiveness of the jabs.
    Their cluelessness knows no bounds.

  29. And say a fully PPE kitted out person did transmit, doesn’t that show that all that safety gear is useless, so what’s the point of a flimsy mask?
    How come a common schmuck like me can work this out?

  30. Helen – well, we’re talking about bureaucrats here. Bureaucrats come up with dumb rules partly to hide their incompetence and partly because it’s a power trip. Why do politicians allow it? At the moment, having the unvaccinated as scapegoats works for the politicians. As I noted above, I think the real change will begin when the vaccinated get sick of the dumb rules. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened more already but it should start to happen soon.

  31. A sad but not unique story.
    You can die of anything else but you can’t die of covid.
    A few hours ago a young man came to my door, (interrupting my weight session, which to be fair had already been interrupted by the arrival of my brother).
    He was one of those survey people, I let him have his little spiel, which I didn’t really listen to till he got to, what do you think?
    Heart attack and stroke.
    “Really?” I said, “there’s been an awful lot of them lately, hasn’t there? I wonder why that is?
    Giving him a look of we know why don’t we?
    I said a few other sarcastic things to him, and finished with, anyway at least you’ve got a job out of it.
    Sidebar, as I type, ambulance sirens, these are constant, day in day out, for most of this year.
    My sister also heard them, living in another hospital locale.
    So anyway he said something about they’re not going away, to which I replied, “no absolutely not, I wonder what is causing all these deaths?”
    By now he was happy to scamper down the driveway, my parting words were “pericarditis and myocarditis”.
    So there you go, generally these dudes are from some tech business or the like.
    Not health, but maybe I’m wrong there.
    Anyone else had a visit from one of these people?
    In hindsight I wish I’d strung him along a bit, but I suppose I was overcome by my desire to vent, albeit in a somewhat vague and sarcastic manner.
    To the young man I wish, no harm.
    He’d probably been working for the firm for some time doing different surveys.

  32. What sort of survey was it?

    I’m surprised the South Australian CHO would let a real human being go round visiting other human beings. Sounds dangerous. I hope he was wearing PPE!

  33. I thought he was there to try and sell me stuff or sign me up to something, so I just let him say his opening spiel without even listening properly.
    It was only when I heard the words heart attack and stroke that my ears pricked up.
    Have you listened to any interviews with Dr David Martin?
    Ive listened to about 4 or 5 now.
    He has some really interesting opinions, most of which he can back up with evidence.
    He doesn’t believe the virus exists, but whenever I listen to his explanation about what people are getting sick from, he’s always somewhat cryptic with his answer.
    Any thoughts?

  34. Yes, I saw Martin get interviewed by Reiner Fuelmich. Seems correct to me. In particular, I agree with the part about the way they determine new “variants” using mathematical analysis of the genome of the virus. The problem is that there are an infinite number of different ways to cut up the genome and call it a “variant”. A mathematical analysis is not evidence that the “variant” is of clinical or epidemiological interest. The Omicron thing is a classic example. Seems that got attention just because the “number of mutations” looked high. But who cares if the number of mutations is high? What anybody cares about is whether it makes you sicker but proving that is a whole other problem. So, now we’re running around tracking this “variant” just because some virologist thinks it’s important which is exactly what we did back in early 2020. We’re just chasing our tails at this point.

  35. Did a bit of research and here’s how corona is going to end:
    New variants are going to be more infectious and spread faster.
    In 2023 we will have the final omega variant originating here in Australia.
    It spreads faster than light therefore will move backwards in time. By 1895 it will have wiped out 99 percent of the Australian population. 100 million people at the time, leaving the continent depopulated and preventing Australia from becoming the superpower of the 21st century that would have led the world into a millennium of peace and progress and eventually to the stars.
    It will jumped (tenses getting a bit tricky when time travel is involved) to animals and eventually plants and wipe(d) out the lush rainforests that were the hallmark of this country, leaving a red wasteland and changing the climate for ever. We don’t remember this of course, since we entered a different path of history.
    From there it spread further back in time in waves, causing the 5 great extinction events in earth’s history.
    It may have moved further back and triggered the big bang by infecting the quantum vacuum, but the evidence is a bit limited here. We’d need more sensitive PCR tests here.
    May sound crazy but The Science says so.

    Did I forget anything?
    I think i managed to include all the major hobgoblins that keep us entertained these days . Covid, end of progress, extinction and climate change.
    I really tried to put in genders and pronouns as well but couldn’t figure out how.

  36. I get that, but what is this airborne transmission, inflammatory illness, that Kory, McCulloch etc have been treating with repurposed drugs?
    If not covid, because that doesn’t exist, what is it?
    Forget variants, what is the illness?
    Something man made and released deliberately, but not what they’re calling it?
    I’m sure many illnesses have been lumped in the covid basket, but these doctors say they are treating a
    genuine inflammatory illness.
    What is it? Why have they not seen this before?
    I just can’t quite get my head around this part of his analysis
    He’s on the second video here, its part 2 of a 2 part interview he did.
    Ive listened to both.

  37. Roland – clearly corona travelled back in time and infected the genome causing the X and Y chromosomes to split thereby creating biological sex.

    Helen – could be that there is a separate virus causing respiratory problems. Could be that the inflammatory illness some doctors are seeing is attributed to a virus but is really lifestyle disease eg. obesity, diabetes (note, this was Kary Mullis’ explanation for AIDS). Could be a combination of causes. Why should a disease have only a single cause? Maybe a certain demographic with certain lifestyle diseases when exposed to a particular virus that would otherwise be harmless have a very bad reaction because their vascular system is in bad shape.

  38. Once again I understand all of what you are saying. Ive stated that.
    Ive hypothesized all that from his interviews.
    But it does appear that doctors are being confronted with what first seems to be a respiratory illness, that then can lead to a severe inflammatory response.
    Is it related to the original sars, which from what I can glean, he believes is man made, but they didn’t make it transmissible enough to go really viral
    Is it psychosomatic?
    I’m just still left wondering, what this is? Those doctors, in different locations, are treating something aren’t they.
    Anyway I’m obviously not capable of articulating my point, so I’ll leave it here.

  39. Helen – I’ve linked to this article in previous posts –

    Doctors thought they had a whooping cough epidemic but it turned out they didn’t. It’s not a doctor’s job to know the cause of a disease. They can treat a patient based on symptoms alone.

    So, the overall problem here is that we have three different professions all doing different things. Virologists analayse a virus and find things like “number of mutations”. Then epidemiologists run off and track how that “variant” spreads through the population. Meanwhile, doctors are just treating people with what they assume to be the same disease and you’ve got scholars off writing various articles in journals that nobody has any time to read and critically evaluate.

    What I think would be necessary to get a better picture is you have representatives from each group in the same room: virologists, epidemiologists and doctors. Their job is to collate the knowledge critically to try and come up with a clear picture of what’s going on. Even then, this group still wouldn’t be able to come up with some perfect plan to solve the problem because, to use JMG’s distinction, it’s not a problem, it’s a predicament.

  40. But of course everyone is divided, which is kinda handy if you don’t want that to happen.
    Plus too many big paychecks are on the line.
    Ive just re-listened to JHK’s interview with Martin.
    He has the same question as I have.
    My current conclusion after the second listen is that it’s a combination of the old original manipulated sars that has been re-manipulated and outright opportunism to latch onto anything and everything and gather it all under the umbrella of “novel” illness! Be afraid! run for the hills!
    By the way here’s a handy dandy cure we have sitting on the shelf.
    Beyond that, it is going to hopefully do enough people in, that we don’t have to pay them non existent pensions.
    Pretty much reinforced from what I gleaned from the first listen.
    Draw your own conclusions, grow some food, and if you have the space, raise some Quail!
    Easier than chickens.

  41. Helen – what would convince me was a double blind test in which doctors were consistently able to diagnose covid from any other respiratory infection by symptoms alone, no PCR test.

  42. That bloody PCR test.
    Cycle up, cycle down.
    Seriously, a cotton tip up the nose, while sitting in your car is a valid way of collecting a sample?
    And no-one thinks that’s absurd?

    I thought you could test for things via a blood sample?
    Not so in this case?

    Gee, what a shame noone believes Elizabeth Holmes, surely she and her pin drop of blood could have saved us!

    By the way, you are getting linked a fair bit of late, Maybe Tucker or Alex will come calling!

  43. Daniel (offlist): I hadn’t seen that but it explains why the website numbers went up recently. Thanks for the heads up!

    Helen: hah, I think I’m on safe ground with archetypal analysis. That would be considered too weird for the mainstream.

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