Narquinxa and Xandalus

Narquinxa never wanted to visit planet Earth. There were some nice trees and stuff but the so-called intelligent life form known as human beings weren’t very impressive by inter-galactic standards. But she had a job to do. A job that was made harder when her boss partnered her with that idiot, Xandalus. Their mission: get themselves a couple of human bodies, drop down to Earth for a few days and investigate the people.

It should have been straightforward but Xandalus did more than investigate; he fell in love with a human female. Narquinxa could have slapped him for his stupidity. But then she started to fall in love too. Just when they were both thinking that humans weren’t so bad after all, Xandalus did the one thing he had been explicitly instructed not to do and helped them create some new technology. Not just any technology; artificial intelligence. When the AI falls into the hands of a psychopathic army officer, Narquinxa must save not just her bumbling partner, but the entire human race from destruction.