Once Upon a Time in Tittybong

My debut novel has been described as “a rollicking parable on entrepreneurship and high finance” and “if Bill and Ted or Cheech and Chong were running a bank, it would look something like this.”

JJ’s best mates, Krusty and Trish, are hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool potheads. They’re fun to have around. But sometimes, when you hang out with stoners too long, you do silly things like ask the Mayor if you can start a local currency that’s backed by marijuana. Sometimes, when you live in the small Victorian town of Tittybong, the Mayor says ‘Yes’.

Now JJ’s going to spend his school holiday living the dream of every entrepreneurial high school stoner: running a bank where the money is made from dope. But the local manager of the State Bank, the leader of the local bikie gang and the local constabulary don’t take too kindly to having their turf encroached on and JJ’s about to find out that high finance is not all beers and bucket bongs.

Once Upon a Time in Tittybong is a fast-paced comedy in which a group of idealistic teenagers take on the powers that be in an Australian country town.

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