No post this week

Just a quick note to say I won’t have time to post this week due to a personal commitment . Fear not, though, I’ll be back with your regular scheduled blog post on December 5th.

Til then, here’s a picture of a quokka, Australia’s most photogenic marsupial.

4 thoughts on “No post this week”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Enjoy the break and always look forward to your writing and thoughts. Appreciate the photo of the quokka. We never made across to Rottnest Island when in that part of the country. The forests to the south east of Perth are spectacular. I note that the Gloucester tree was closed recently, and climbing that is a very scary experience. I made it up about 10m and then came back down again. Sandra was scoffing, and only made it a couple of metres higher. An interesting part of the world.



  2. Chris – I also didn’t get across to Rottnest when I was in that part of the country. I’ve explored mostly north of Perth. Have to go back one day and check out the south.

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