Something Different

I was looking for a file on an old computer recently when I stumbled across some musical projects I’d been working on some years ago. This one in particular caught my ear. It’s based on a chord progression I discovered while mucking around on an organ one day and combines synth and orchestral strings.

It’s just a first draft, but I think it’s pretty cool. Could turn it into a string quartet or even an oratorio with a little elaboration.

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, see what you think.

3 thoughts on “Something Different”

  1. C’est une pièce musicale qui cherche à OUVRIR ET FISSURER NOTRE INCONSCIENT.
    It is a musical piece that seeks to OPEN AND CRACK OUR UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

    Jean-Pierre (from Quebec)

  2. C’est une musique qui OUVRE et FISSURE le subconscient.
    It is a music that opens and cracks the subconscious.

    St-Hubert, Québec
    Note : “subconscious” is a better word.

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